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[ Late 1600's  ]

Pinckards were in England as early as 1620 when Lord Sidney Pinckard donated an 85 horse Remount to the British Crown.

[ Early 1700's]

Outside Tappahanock Virginia on the Rappahannock River there is what remains of a magnificent plantation home of William H. Pinckard. He and his seven (sequential) wives are all burried on the grounds, as was the custom in those days.

[ Mid 1800's]

The Wikipedia entry on Pinckard, Alabama details the early history of the region and how it was to become named for a Pinckard, a popular, well-liked school teacher.and our direct descendent.

[ Late 1900's]

A prominent family in the communities in which they lived up until the Great Depression, tje Pinckards were reputed to have vast land holdings in lower Alabama and the coastal Florida panhandle regions in and around Panama City and Destin, FL. Unfortunatly all that passed into other hands as "Uncle Bug" the banker depleated his and his brother's (our Grand-pa) holdings in his attempt to prop up his failing bank.

[ 1998 - ?]]

No Pinckards live in Pinckard, Alabama today but we held a family reunion there in the summer of 1998. Arriving via chartered bus with a police escort, Pinckards dined with the towns people in a first-ever combined event with the Baptist and Methodist congregations joining to greet and visit with their honored guests..the Pinckard Reunion.